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Here are today's Redneck Headlines:
#1 - A Nickel and Dime Theft
#2 - Pushing Her Luck
#3 - One Swinging Dude

A Nickel and Dime Theft

A Georgia man got the shock of his life when cops showed up to arrest him on theft charges – for stealing five cents worth of power for his electric car.

Kaveh Kamooneh says he drove his son to a middle school tennis tournament when he noticed that his Nissan Leaf was a little low on juice, so he plugged in to an exterior outlet at the school for about 15 or 20 minutes. When he returned to the vehicle to pull the plug, he found a cop waiting to lower the boom for the nickel-and-dime crime.

While the local utility company granted that Kamooneh got a few pennies' worth of power at most, a spokesperson for the police department said, "I'm not sure how much electricity he stole. It doesn't matter. A theft is a theft. He broke the law." (WXIA)


Pushing Her Luck

A Massachusetts woman took pushiness to a whole new level when she called 911 to demand that someone come out to a local mall to push her around in a wheelchair.

Zemenay Auditore showed up at the mall on foot, but asked to borrow a wheelchair because she said a leg injury was acting up. An employee agreed to let her use a chair, and even pushed her to the Apple store, then to her car. When she asked for another spin around the shopping center, the worker declined – which led her to call the emergency number for aid.

A dispatcher warned Auditore about frivolous use of 911, but that didn't deter her from pushing her luck and calling again – at which point she was arrested. (Salem News)


One Swinging Dude

Cops lassoed an Indiana man on indecency charges after he reportedly approached a woman on the street and began swinging his unit in circles in an effort to entice her.

Two women flagged down a cop to report that Shawn Harvell came up to them with his pants unzipped and "started swinging it about in a rotary helicopter motion." When he saw cops, Harvell tried to walk away, then insisted he did nothing illegal, but merely tried to discuss a financial dispute with the women.

He was cuffed and charged with public indecency, resisting law enforcement and criminal confinement – because he grabbed the woman by the arm during the incident. (The Indy Channel)



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