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Here are today's Redneck Headlines:
#1 - A Rolling Stone Gathers No Fish
#2 - Up-Skirt and Up the Creek
#3 - A Real Crap Shoot

A Rolling Stone Gathers No Fish

A group of researchers in Iceland found out that fish and "Brown Sugar" don't go together very well – when they tried blasting that Rolling Stones tune at a huge pack of herring in an attempt to scare them back into open waters.

The herring have taken to swimming into a narrow body of water near a town in western Iceland – clogging it to the point where more than 50,000 of them died last year because of lack of oxygen. Scientists have tried out a number of noises in their effort to clear the waterway, from loud whale noises to low-frequency sound waves that mimic explosives – and thought it would be "fun" to test out some songs by Mick Jagger and company.

Even though they didn't get any "Satisfaction" from the experiment, they may give another genre of music a try. (Iceland Review)


Up-Skirt and Up the Creek

A Florida man really stepped in some deep doo-doo when he walked into a liquor store and tried to sneak some up-skirt photos – with cameras that he'd taped to his sneakers.

Robert Greis, 67, allegedly sidled up to the woman as she was reading a newspaper in the checkout line and tried to maneuver his foot into position to take some snapshots of her lady parts. She screamed, alerting her boyfriend to jump into action and hold Greis down until cops could arrive on the scene.

The officers placed the sleazy senior citizen in a patrol car, but neglected to handcuff him, enabling him to destroy the memory chip from his camera, but the entire incident was captured on surveillance tape. Greis faces felony charges in the case. (WESH)


A Real Crap Shoot

A Kentucky man really got the crap scared out of him when he sat down to do his business in a restaurant men's room – and shot himself with the gun he'd propped up on the toilet paper holder.

The man, whose name was not released, took the weapon into the john while eating dinner at a local Italian establishment, and sat it down on the T.P., only to have the gun slide off and fire – testing the absorbency of the paper with blood from his leg wound.

While cops weren't bowled over by the man's intelligence, they don't plan to file any charges, since he had a concealed carry permit and didn't harm anyone else. (WHAS)


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