Have you ever heard of the Wyoming ghost town, Sunny Divide? Seems no one else has either. According to this song, it was established in 1939. What exactly happened to it must have been “something evil.” It was, after all, near Devils Tower, Wyoming.

The band Lost Dogma is from Seattle, but their sound is all Americana. That's well showcased in the above YouTube of them performing “Sunny Divide.”

“Wolves are howling … roadside gas station, last one for 50 miles.” “Sign outside of town says ‘Population 5.” (This sure is stuff we know in Wyoming, right?) “Something evil happened here … on ‘Sunny Divide’.”

Or maybe this whole thing was just made up for a song that sounds cool. Lost Dogma did a pretty good job of that, though the band's message to our Facebook page did read, "It's a song about a ghost town near Devils Tower, WY." I just know I've never seen anyone play guitar with a Cholula sauce bottle.

Where ever it was, maybe Devils Tower Golf Course was built over it.

Rick Darcy, Townsquare Media