It's always sad to see a good, solid, unique business close, but this closing isn't really a sad situation. It's more of a cheers to the next step situation.

The Funky Junk District has sure made an impact on the folks of Casper in their years in business. The Funky Junk Spring and Fall festivals have been huge over the last few years and brought many people together to celebrate the arts.

In a series of social media posts, it's explained that the 'brick n mortar' part of Funky Junk will be closing at the end of December, but the spirit of the store, the creations of the group and the festivals will continue in 2023.

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When one door closes, there's always a bunch of windows that open. The impact the ladies have had on this city has been well noted and by the sound of it, the future is looking really bright.

You still have Christmas shopping season ahead to stop into the shop and buy, buy, buy.

They've shifted to their Fall hours, meaning they're open Wednesday - Saturday from 10am - 3pm.

Stop in and check out all of the creations and stock up on cool gifts for future gifts.

Funky Junk Fall Edition Packs Downtown Casper on Saturday

Funky Junk in Downtown Casper

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