You think that airplane bathrooms are small?  Apparently not small enough for one criminal who got crafty and found a unique way to do his business.

The U.K. Daily Mail Online is reporting that the suspect in question claimed to be ill upon boarding the Air Antilles flight headed for the French Island of Guadeloupe.  He would spend most of the flight in the plane's bathroom, but rather than nurse a sore stomach, the unnamed man would remove panels that would allow access to the plane's cargo hold and make off with $238,000.  

The money had been placed on the plane by a Brink's security employee; three sacks of cash in all, containing $1.6 million.  The employee, who was also on the plane was none the wiser when the plane landed and they discovered the cash was missing. 

Crookey even had the coolness to ask a flight attendant for an ambulance to be waiting at the tarmac on arrival.  Once confronted, he simply told them he was better and was able to leave the airport, bypassing security.  Get the full account, here.

Looks like I'm not the only one who dreams about this stuff.