Have you ever wondered what you would say to yourself if you could find a time machine and travel back to when you were 19? I did and this open letter to 19-year-old me is the result.

Before I get started, why age 19? Well, by that time I had graduated high school and had started my (somewhat) adult life. I had a great childhood. It was age 19 when I started making big-time mistakes. That's why I would write this letter to that version of me. Here goes:

Dear Mr. Holliday,

Please try not to freak out, but this is a much older version of yourself sending you some advice from the future. I say "don't freak out" because I know you do that often. Don't ask me how I know. 

When you were younger, you could make mistakes and it was easy to undo them. That's about to change. You're gonna make some big-time errors and this time you won't be able to escape the consequences. Please know that everything will work out even though you think it won't. 

Be warned that the next 3 decades of your life are going to fly by quickly. Don't be afraid to slow down and enjoy the happy moments. You will wish you did later. 

You're going to spend a lot of time heartbroken and alone. That's OK because God has someone for you. Wait for her. She's awesome. 

You are going to have incredible children. They will be responsible for the happiest moments of your life. Don't let them down. You think your job is the most important thing. It's not. Devote yourself to your family and children. You won't regret it. 

You're going to be broken sometimes. That's OK. Sometimes that's required so God can put you back together in better shape than you were. It's painful, but necessary.

Don't hold grudges. Forgive everyone. You'll only hurt yourself if you don't. 

Life isn't fair. Don't expect it to be. 

Know that you will end up happy, so don't sweat the small stuff now. Enjoy the life you've been given. It will go by fast.

P.S.- Bet lots of money on the Broncos winning the Super Bowl in 1997 and 1998. You'll thank me later. 

Doc Holliday
Doc Holliday

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