Hey! Like I needed another excuse to not want to live in 'jolly' ol' England! Turns out that Britain's largest animal rights charity would like to see hunting magazines placed on the top shelf in stores..."a spot traditionally reserved for porn magazines." 

I found the story at The Drum. The animal welfare group, Animal Aid, says that Great Britain's more popular hunting titles like Country Times and The Field, "amount to shooting porn, which could have a 'corrosive' effect on children who glimpsed it."

Animal Aid's exposé 'Gunning for Children: How the gun lobby recruits young blood' accuses the publications of glorifying hunting.

"Their actions are damaging not just to wildlife but also to the emotional development of young people."

As someone born and raised in Wyoming and who inherited his genes from past generations of great hunters, I looked at this article with great apathy and disdain. Even though hunting isn't a 'necessity' as it once was...not only for food, but for clothing and shelter purposes; it's still a vital way to promote sport, game management and conservation, and life skills that can't be attained in any other manner.

It's one of the most primal, and essential skills that man has ever needed to learn to survive...to exist! Not too long ago, there was no choice to be made in this area. You hunted or you starved. And there's nothing wrong with displaying the skill that it still takes, even in this day and age, "to bring home the bacon."

So to imagine that someone out there actually puts this in the same light as pornography, kind of insults those of us who take hunting seriously and respectfully.

That's just what I think.