The weather turned out to be fantastic for being on the water during the 2nd round of the Wyoming Walleye Stampede at Glendo State Park Reservoir. Obviously, the sights around the water were also incredible.

Glendo Reservoir at Sunrise Drew Kirby, TSM
Glendo Reservoir at Sunrise
Drew Kirby, TSM

If you were to ask most of the 142 boats that were entered in the tournament, the weather was great, but the fishing was tough. It didn't really matter what the experience level of the anglers was, at times, finding fish and getting them on the hook wasn't easy.

At the end of the two day event, one team was on a hot streak and picked up the win.

The winning duo of Denver, CO based anglers Brent Henry and Justin Jones, got the job done with a total of 56.31 pounds. For winning Henry & Jones collected a healthy check of $10,000 from the Stampede (plus additional money from other sponsors like Crowely MarineRanger Boats and others). Henry says it's really not about the money, but to score that coveted wood trophy is what it's all about.

Winners 1
r to l: Stampede's Mitch Bauers, winner Brent Henry, winner Justin Jones, Stampede's Brian Woodard
photo: Drew Kirby, TSM

Second place was Tanner Allison and Carter Maxwell, who had a heck of a day two, bagged 51.44 lbs (35.42lbs on day two) and got a $5,000 check. Another impressive part for this team, is they also won the Young Guns division and added on an extra $400 from Air Innovations.

2nd Place finishers left Tanner Allison (right) Carter Maxwell photo: Drew Kirby, TSM
2nd Place finishers left Tanner Allison (right) Carter Maxwell
photo: Drew Kirby, TSM

This year is the 15th Anniversary of the Wyoming Walleye Stampede and over the years it's become one of, if not the, top Walleye Team Tournament Series in the entire country. The popularity and appeal of this series is so big, there are anglers representing multiple states at every event with vacations being planned around the dates of the events.

Having spent some time at Stampede events the last couple years, it's impressive to see the dedication the anglers, volunteers, families and fishing fans have for these events. It's really a family affair. When they all get together, it's like a family reunion.

When they all show up at the hosting venue for the opening meeting, Rooch's Marina, there are hugs, high fives, hand shakes and smiles, exactly how it should be when 284 anglers, their families and friends get together.

Rick and Dawn Bodily, owners at Rooch's, are just as much part of this family as the anglers themselves. Preparing food, serving up drinks in the restaurant/bar, having the essentials you'll need when staying at the park, giving out smiles and laughter for free, they welcome everyone back and even wake up extra early to offer up their legendary breakfast burritos to the tournament participants.

When you have fisheries like we have in Wyoming, of course people want to come and spend multiple weekends a year fishing. Wyoming Game and Fish Department has dedicated years of research, man hours and fish management to making Wyoming a top fishing destination. Looking at the size and number of fish coming out of Glendo, it seems like it's worked.

Stampede volunteer and legend, Bob Woodward, has been a longtime staple and says things have really changed over the years, not only for the circuit, but at Glendo too.

I remember when just 30 pounds of walleye would've won this tournament and now we're getting that in one day.

The 4 part tournament series, held the first two events at Glendo, is moving on to the final qualifying round at Seminoe State Park Reservoir near Sinclair, Wyoming July 15-16. Then heading to Boysen State Park Reservoir for the championship round August 19-20.

You can still enter for your shot to make it in the championship round...fill out an application and get casting.

Wyoming Walleye Stampede Glendo #2 Winners

Wyoming Walleye Stampede At Glendo #2


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