It's your favorite time of the month, it's time for another Romance Novel Reading with Doc and Prairie Wife.

We had so much fun last month having you be a part of it that we decided to do it again.

If you have the My Country Mobile App you have everything you need to give us a "Shout Out' and be a part of our Romance Novel Reading.

To "Shout Out" all you have to do is open the My Country App and click the "Shout Out" button. Hit the record button and you have 30 seconds to share your thoughts with us and then tune in every weekday 6 am-10 am to hear yourself on our radio show.

We have a few things we'd love for you to help us with for our next Romance Novel Reading.

Unlike last month, we don't have specific female and male scripts this month. Feel free to do shout out for each part, we'd love to have as much of YOU as we can on the show...after all you're the real stars.

Side Note: Accents and funny voices are encouraged!

Shout Out #1: Just In Time Cowboy: A Time Travel Romance Novel by Jillie Rivers. As read by Doc and Prairie Wife.

Shout Out #2: When a lightning strike on ancient Sioux holy ground sends mining engineer Kelsey Winter back in time to 1892 Wyoming, she turns to handsome, reckless cowboy Pete Jackson to help her find a way home.

Shout Out #3: August 2014 Mule Stop, Wyoming

Shout Out #4: August 1892 The Plains Outside Mule Stop, Wyoming

Here's a quick video tutorial that will walk you through how to do "shout outs" with the My Country Mobile App.

Tune in Friday October, 4th 6-10am to hear Doc and Prairie Wife's next Romance Novel Reading.

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