Austin Corini sang Hunter Hayes‘ smash hit ‘Wanted’ on tonight’s (Sept. 26) audition episode of ‘X Factor.’ Corini has quite a bit in common with Hayes, in that they are both adorable, blond and possess star quality.

Corini, with his bleached blond fauxhawk, was greeted with lots and lots of screams from the females in the audience, so he had already won half the battle.

The judges — make that the male judges — were a tougher crowd. Britney Spears thought he could sing and loved his hair, while Demi Lovato said she saw something special in him. L.A. Reid agreed with that assertion, but didn’t think his voice was strong enough. Simon Cowell rained on the parade, saying Corini is used to getting a good reaction since he is cute, not because he can sing.

Cowell then said that Corini needs to be remembered not for his hair but for his voice, and he’s only at 80 percent with his vocals, when he needs to be at 110 percent on this show.

Luckily, he got put through and is off to boot camp to put that extra 30 percent in. After he left the stage, the judges said they were struck by his star quality and that’s what got him through.

 Watch Austin Corini Sing Hunter Hayes on ‘X Factor’

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