UPDATE Seems this photo was not taken in Basin, Wyoming but rather was taken by 
Chuck Hilliard, who is a wonderful nature & wildlife photographer on the West coast.
The picture was taken during the winter of 2011/2012 near Rockport, Washington.
You can find his facebook page here: http://www.facebook.com/Moontripper
The original series of pictures can be found in his album "Bald Eagles Winter 2011/2012".

With a relatively mild winter for much of Wyoming, we are seeing a lot of open water across the Cowboy State. With that open water a number of species of birds are finding an easy place to spend some time on their migration routes, without having to go so far south. One of those species is the American Bald Eagle.

In the Casper area we have seen many birds cruising the North Platte River, enjoying the open water and some of the local fare found here as well.

The Big Horn Basin of Wyoming of Wyoming, with fresh snow, calm conditions, open water and an ample food supply, Bald Eagles have found a nice spot to spend some of their winter, as is evidenced by this pic taken by Barbara Broadway just out side of Basin, Wy. 52 birds in one tree!

Chuck Hilliard, Facebook
Chuck Hilliard, Facebook

To find out more about Bald Eagles and where you can find them near you, I have included this great resource.

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