You remember the drama.  In this corner--country legends, the Bellamy Brothers.  In the other, pop princess Britney Spears.  It would seem almost implausible to ever hear their names mentioned in the same sentence.  That was until January of this year when Howard and David accused Britney of plagiarizing one of their most memorable songs, If I Said You Had a Beautiful Body (Would You Hold It Against Me).

Thanks to our friends at TMZ, we can now report that the case has been amicably resolved.

Britney Spears at 2011 MTV Video Music Awards

You might remember when we first brought this to your attention.  Long story short--there were noted similarities between the Bellamys' song and Britney's latest single at the time--Hold It Against Me.  Conspiracies would abound.  Lawyers would be called.  The promise of money and scandal filled the air.  The Bellamy Brothers would make the first verbal assault, followed by Britney's camp.  The latest round involved the duo being sued for false allegations and defamation by the writers.

Now all has apparently been resolved.  The songwriters have dropped their lawsuit altogether after the Bellamys released a statement of apology which included:

"The Bellamy Brothers apologize to Dr. Luke and Max Martin for the Bellamys' public statements and any false impressions suggested by the statements on their website that Dr. Luke and Max Martin copy the works of others."

Nicely handled.  Take that greed!

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