Wyoming is an amazing state full of wide open spaces and friendly people. That's one of the reasons why I live here. This years Wyoming Short Film Contest theme is "WY am I here?" The contest is presented by the Wyoming Film Office.

After watching all of the entries for the Wyoming Short Film Contest, these are the top 7 video entries. My criteria was based on the rules, composition, quality, and narrative. If a video wasn't about Wyoming or from someone in Wyoming that disqualified the video.

If you want to participate in the contest, video submissions are due April 15th. You can see the previous year's winners here.

  • Morning Rituals

    Chris Dicky
  • Wy I Live in WY

    from Patrick Kelley
  • WYLD Teaser

    Apres Visual
  • Wyoming's Wind River Country

    Kyle Duba
  • What Brings Us Here

    Houston Guy
  • A Stay At The Rivera

    Brooks Mitchell

    Pataphysical Wildlife