The Big Money Buck Hunt with Wyoming Auto Group is within our sights all through November. It's your chance to stag, er...snag $1,000 bucks each and every weekday with the possibility of $10,000 on Thursdays. Plus, members of the My Country Club also have the chance to take home $10,000 in our online cash contest. Casper's full of great ideas on how to put that money to good use. Unfortunately, we could only come up with these.

  • 11

    Three Commercial Airplane Rides From Casper To Anywhere In The U.S.A.

    Okay, just seeing if you were paying attention. Obviously we're exaggerating slightly on this first one. Still, these trips don't come cheap. Let's see if anyone takes the hint.

    xlibber, flickr
  • 10

    Nearly Nine And A Half Hours Of Commercial Programming On Your Favorite Radio Station

    Whenever I use figures, I must also include a disclaimer to remind readers that I absolutely stink at math. It remains to be seen if my girl stinks at it too, because she assisted me. At $9.00 for a thirty second commercial, you get 1,111.11111...flawless, superior, and effective radio ads. That translates into 555.55555 minutes of airtime, or 9.25833333333...hours worth. Sales executives are standing by.

  • 9

    1, 429 Bloomin' Onions®

    In my mind, there's nothing like a Bloomin Onion®  from our own Outback Steakhouse. Win, and you could have bad breath and greasy fingers for years. Cool thing...that delicious, zesty, orange dressing stuff comes with your onion at no extra charge.

    AdamSelwood, flickr
  • 8

    10,000 Pints Of Beer At Sanford's Grub and Pub

    This is awesome news for us thirsty Casperites. Sanford's is the home of the $1 pint. And the food is delicious, too! Just think, a couple of years ago it would have bought you 100,000 pints, as they used to go for only a penny. Yee Haw! Typically, you have to order a meal as well, but I'm sure that depends on how good-looking you are.  (Please party responsibly.)

    Tim Pearce, Los Gatos, flickr
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    714 Date Packs From Our Friends At The Wyoming Movie Palaces

    Yes, technically you can buy 714 of these discount treats for two - which include a large overflowing popcorn and two ginormous sodas. But...factor in the fact that they actually include one free refill and that number jumps to 1.428. That ought to butter you up!  You can also buy an astounding 2000 boxes of Cowboy's favorite stick-to-your-ribs...and teeth Jujyfruits.

    TheWanderingEye, flickr
  • 6

    Almost 13 Yearlong Single Memberships To Lifetime Health & Fitness Center

    You certainly can afford to be generous now. Why not treat all of your friends to a year at one of Casper's premiere exercise facilities? This includes all of the amenities and initiation fee. Sightings of a sweaty Cowboy Troy are free and come with the territory.

    campdarby, flickr
  • 5

    1,428.5 Admissions and Skate Rentals at our Wagon Wheel Roller Skating Rink

    My niece loves to skate, so I had to include this. I'm slowly getting back into this habit as well. I can now go around the rink about three times before my calves and ankles start burning. On the upside, concussions and bruised hips are free - and don't forget the bouncy houses!

    Smaedli, flickr
  • 4

    3,096 Gallons Of Regular Unleaded Gasoline

    At this writing, Casper still enjoys some of the lowest gas prices in the nation, so fill 'er up! At the current price of $3.20.9 per gallon, your 10 Grand should be good on average for 206.4 tank fulls.

    Joe Shlabotnik, flickr
  • 3

    44 Early Bird Season Passes To Hogadon Ski Area

    Actually, it's just a little more than that, but I round either up or down to simplify things. If you and your friends all happen to be first timers, the price comes down and you get almost 67. That should give you a lift! On a side note, I used to really enjoy skiing before realizing that I'll never be better than your average 7-year old.

    PaulJh, flickr
  • 2

    833 Tickets To Stage III Community Theatre

    Anyone who knows me, knows that I love my theatre. With 10 Grand at your disposal, you'll be buying seats for a long time. Bring a date and both of you can take in roughly 416 shows. If you want to be really generous and go the season pass route for the neighborhood, you'll be able to splurge on almost 167 of those. Encore!

    Stage III
  • 1

    12 Drum Lessons From Yours Truly - Cowboy Troy

    In case you didn't know, I'm a rock star in my own mind. Music has always been a lifelong ambition, and I've been playing drums in professional bands since I was 16. I have a wealth of knowledge to share on the subject and I'd be more than happy to take some of your new-found loot. The price sounds expensive but just remember that I throw in not one, but TWO pairs of Vic Firth drumsticks, a copy of "Cowboy's Complete Guide To Picking Up Bar Groupies," hangover pillow, and autographed photo of me in action playing the grand opening of the Casper Sam's Club.

    andrechinn, flickr