I have learned several absolute facts during my time in Casper. The wind is your constant friend. It can and will snow anytime. And, there are two areas in town where you will always lose your cell phone signal.

I don't know if you share this experience, but for me there are two parts of Casper where my cell signal goes bye-bye EVERY SINGLE TIME. Here are the two main offenders:

SE Wyoming Boulevard/Outer Drive just north of the mall

Google Maps Street View

It happens right before I get to the stoplight near where Loaf 'N Jug is at. If you're talking to me on the phone as I drive through there, prepare to say goodbye involuntarily.

2nd Street just to the east of Albertson's

Google Maps Street View

I don't understand why this area is a cell phone void, but it is for me. When I pass the church on 2nd Street headed toward Albertson's, my phone forgets it's a phone and refuses to do anything.

My cell phone provider has a helpful video describing what can cause a cell phone signal to fail. None of the things they list would affect the 2nd Street area. SE Wyoming Boulevard, maybe.

I theorize that this may be caused by pronghorn trying to keep us from communicating so they can eventually take over in a Planet of the Apes kind of scenario.

Does this happen to you? Do you have other parts of town where you cell phone becomes a very expensive electronic brick? Feel free to add your own location in the comments.