It's not unusual to have an encounter of the bison kind when you visit Yellowstone National Park. A new video from someone's summer vacation last year shows how a huge bison showed them how small their car really is.

According to the video description, this video was captured last July in Yellowstone although it was just shared for the first time today. Watch this video until the end and you'll see a huge bison walk between the vehicles.

The National Park Service has some nifty facts about bison including that males can weigh up to 2,000 pounds and stand up to 6 feet high. They also note that you can tell a bison's mood by its tail. If it's hanging down and swinging naturally, the bison is calm. If it's standing up, you could be in trouble. The big guy that walked between the cars seemed to be in a decent mood by bison standards.

The visitor that captured the video appears to be from Michigan. They shared this about these large mammals:

Giant Buffalo herd causes a traffic jam in Yellowstone National Park and tourists get a close encounter.

It was refreshing to see this group of tourists staying in their vehicles instead of jumping out to get a better look. The last time my family visited Yellowstone, we saw a half dozen encounters where people on foot got way to close to a bison herd. These folks were on their best behavior.

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