There may be hope for the world yet. While it feels like the rest of the world is fighting over politics, there's a story about a boy who just did something for his prom date that will warm your heart.

I first spotted this neat story on Little Things. Fox 59 out of Indianapolis shared the story of Parker Smith. Parker wanted to take Addi Rust to the prom. Only problem was she couldn't afford a dress. Parker decided to try and make one himself from scratch. Check out his story.

As if his story of making his date's prom dress from scratch wasn't enough, they are now reporting that Parker has earned a career with his self-taught sewing prowess. He was given the opportunity to make costumes for a production of Cinderella.

Gotta admire a kid who refuses to allow challenges that his girlfriend is facing stop him from doing something about it. The world sure could use a lot more Parkers.

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