Matt and Nat, are a couple that decided to visit all 50 states in one year.

Originally from Nashville, the vloggers recently posted a video showing their time in Wyoming. And it was no surprise to us that they picked Yellowstone as the focus of their trip.

I was surprised that they only spent one day in Yellowstone because I don't think you can really see it ALL in one day.

They began with sunrise at the Mammoth Hot Springs and based on what they said, they were in Yellowstone in late Fall.

The Elk bugling was a big surprise to them, and they also saw a huge herd of Bison while driving in Norris Geyser Basin. It was debatable if Nat went a little too close to the Bison...based on the footage it seemed like she was okay, but what she said about it made me wonder.

Then it was off to the Grand Prismatic Spring and Old Faithful.

Matt and Nat were there by noon, which means they've been flat out cruising through the park.

I'm glad they waited around to see Old Faithful, and that they were impressed with what they saw.

Adventures of Matt and Nat via YouTube
Adventures of Matt and Nat via YouTube

Then Matt and Nat visited Yellowstone Lake and I had to giggle at their observations about the Yellowstone bathrooms.

Then it was back in the car to check out the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone.

I felt bad for them because a road closure prevented them from going where they had planned to finish their trip, though they had a great attitude about it.

It seems like they fit a lot in on their one day, including a short 1.5 mile hike.

BUT from my own experience...I know they spent most of their time enjoying the views from their car.

Also, in the explanation of their video, it says that the drone footage is all from another site. I feel like it's a bit deceiving the way they put it together with their own video because it leads you to believe they saw more than they really did in their one day.

You can watch their whole video below, and here's a link to their blog where they share their written itinerary.

Yes, Matt and Nat saw a lot, and if you only have one day to see Yellowstone they have a well-done itinerary.

But, I feel the need to say...just because you CAN doesn't mean you SHOULD...

How do you think tourists should check out Yellowstone?

Bomb through in one day and check it off their list, or take their time to really explore it all.

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