Carrie Underwood dazzled viewers as the co-host of last night’s CMA Awards 2011, but it wasn’t just her humor, wit and beauty that made her striking. In just three hours time, the ‘Before He Cheats’ hitmaker modeled a heap of costume changes, switching her dress at least at every commercial break (we counted nine dresses in all).

Given that Ms. Underwood is the pinnacle of fashion in the country world, it only made sense for us to put together a gallery of pictures showcasing her different looks from the big awards show. The CMAs brought us classy Carrie in black and fresh Carrie in white, but also swanky in gold, cloaked in green and girly in multiple pink ensembles — even a floral! We certainly can’t pick a favorite outfit, but one thing we do know for sure: Boy, did she ever make fellow host Brad Paisley look boring!

Let us know which version of Carrie Underwood from the CMA Awards 2011 you like best!