Here's a bit of good news for the new year. Both Casper and Bar Nunn have been listed among the best places to live in Wyoming for 2019.

It's nice to end up on a good list and this one comes from Homesnacks. They ranked the 10 best places to live in Wyoming based on the following criteria:

Median Home Values
Median Income
Population Density (Higher better)
Unemployment Rate
Commute Time
Education Levels
Health Insurance Coverage
Poverty rates

With all those metrics factored in, Bar Nunn came in at #8 on the Homesnacks list while Casper landed at #10. Note: on the map, blue is good while red is not.


Bar Nunn was called out for having the 7th lowest unemployment rate in Wyoming along with 8% growth. Casper made the list due in part to having less crime than many parts of Wyoming and only 4.5% unemployment.

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