Here at My Country 95.5 we believe that Foster Parents are heroes.

Over the last four months, we've taken time to share some stories of how local families became Foster Parents.

Time and again, we hear them say the same things...

"We weren't ready."

"We wanted to wait a bit longer."

"We were scared."

Jeanni Jones is no different.

She unexpectedly became a Foster Parent when she and her family wanted to help out a friend in need more than eight years ago.

Take a moment to listen to her story.

Not only did being a Foster Family teach her children empathy and gratitude for the life they have, it formed her family of seven when they adopted through the program.

It is hard. There are parts that suck. Don't let the fear of loving a child, or having to let them go, stop you from having that opportunity to change a child's life. To help them feel that love and acceptance to strive and be a successful person in society...Go all in. You'll never regret it.

If you are interested in learning more about our local Foster Care Program you can learn more here.

New Foster Parent Training begins Oct 1st.  It is 4 weeks of training and includes CPR and first aid as well as paperwork, background checks, home studies, etc.

Contact either Rose Fry  473-3924 or Amanda Jones 473-3925.

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