Our regular readers know that we have a heart for children here at My Country 95.5.

Between our dozens of Thankful Thursday events that raise money for local charities and our recent interviews with Host Ukraine, we want to do all that we can to connect children with caring adults that will help to brighten their future.

Shawnell Bizzell and her husband Jon struggled with infertility for years.

They decided that adoption was the way that they wanted to form their family and became Foster Parents for the Natrona County Department of Family Services.

The Bizzell family now is a happy family of five, with three children adopted through the Foster System. Despite being a busy family that owns their own business, they continue to offer care for some of Natrona County's neediest children.

When asked about the heartbreak that can come with being a Foster Parent, Shawnell was honest. "In order to do it right, you NEED to love these children...You may get your heart broken along the way. Be the adult. Jump in with both feet anyway!"


The end goal of the Foster Care System is reuniting these children with their biological parents. So we asked Shawnell what advice she had for helping keep the relationship between Biological Parents and Foster Parents positive.

"Everyone makes mistakes. And these parents need someone to love them too."

The Natrona Country Department of Family Services asked us to share information about a large sibling group that is currently in need of a long term placement home.

"Large sibling group with all children under the age of 8.  This is a group of busy, rambunctious children who need a home willing to be a long term placement.

Just to describe a couple of these kids...Incredibly smart 8 yr old who is playful, energetic and curious.  He enjoys pokemon, video games.  And he does not like beans of any kind.

Sweet girl who is very much a girlie girl.  She loves to be the center of attention.  Smart and sweet little gal.

Little boy who just told his foster dad that for his birthday, he wanted to go fishing with him.  That's all he wanted.  He did get a fishing pole for his birthday and as soon as the weather is nice enough, he will go fishing with his foster dad who he refers to as Papa.

We will not separate this sibling group.  They need to be together."

One last quote from Shawnell, "YOU can be the difference!"

For more information, or if you would like to help, call Rose 473-3924 or Amanda 473-3925.

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