UPDATE: We learned last week (April 12, 2019) that a local family heard about this group of children on air, and has decided to host them for the Summer! There are still many more orphans that need hosting. Please learn more below and follow the links to learn how you can help.

A few weeks ago we had Sarah Larson from Host Ukraine in our studio talking about the hosting program that has resulted in 6 families in Wyoming adopting.

Each month we will be featuring orphans that are looking for Wyoming families to host them in 2019. This sibling group is looking for a family to host them this Summer. This is what Host Ukraine shared with us about these two sisters and their brother.

Denys, Nastya, and Valentina are the definition of selfless love with one another. When they were interviewed each said if they could earn some money they would purchase things for the others, not themselves.

Photo Courtesy of HostUkraine.org
Photo Courtesy of HostUkraine.org

Denys is described as a great big brother, who loves sports and would like to see an American football game. He also knows some English.

Anastasia is a very good student who gets good grades. She LOVES to dance, dances every chance that she gets, and would love to take lessons this summer. Her hope is to have a family that will dance with her and have fun.

Valentina loves to explore and play outside. She can find joy in everything. She loves all animals but cats are her favorite.

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