Dang, girls are mean these days. I've been dumped a few times, but never so cold as to be given away on Craigslist. Hopefully, this is all a joke, and the boyfriend is in on it. If not, dude, there are plenty of fish in the sea.

Posted on the Wyoming Craigslist on 4/6/18 around 5 pm, is this ad "selling my boyfriend (Casper Wyoming.)" The person who posted the ad writes:

i'm selling my boyfriend and i don't really like him anymore so he's for sale, free or if you wanna donate that's fine too.

Snap, that's cold-hearted. I hope she told the guy to his face. Otherwise, the guy will be upset when he reads about it here. Casper is a small town. The word will get around and a lot faster than you think.

Maybe this is the work of some of the Casper internet trolls. It wouldn't be the first time someone posts something outrageous to cause a ruckus.


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