How would you like to go to the doctor and find out your heart is only doing 10% of its work. That's what happened to this Casper man who shared his inspiring story about the difference being a heart recipient has made in his life.

Donate Life Wyoming just shared Jason's story again on YouTube. Here's a part of what Jason said about his ordeal:

Five years ago, I was dead. Because of my transplant, I am alive. And I couldn’t be alive without my donor,” Jason said. “I am thankful for every day that I wake up and can honor my donor family by continuing to keep their loved one’s memory alive by being strong and helping others whenever I can.

Donate Life Wyoming explained on their website that Jason had a left ventricular assist device installed in his heart to help him get by while he waited for a heart donation. That wait lasted over 9 months.

Now that he has his new heart, Jason is back to doing things he loves like hiking and camping. His is a story of hope that you can find out more about at Donate Life Wyoming. Maybe it will inspire you to decide organ donation is a legacy you'd like to leave for another Wyoming family like Jason's.

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