The Casper Police Department says officers were involved in an "exchange of gunfire" that left one person dead following a reported kidnapping.

According to a statement on social media, officers responded to 2200 South Jefferson at roughly 7 a.m. Friday after receiving a report that a woman was being held at gunpoint against her will.

Officers arrived, and forced entry into the home when they immediately heard gunshots, the police department said.

A shootout ensued. Two people sustained gunshot wounds, including one person who died.

No officers were hurt.

A neighbor said her husband saw numerous police and other emergency vehicles gather near the apartment building,

The neighbor provided K2 Radio News with video of the incident. WARNING: The video is graphic and depicts a woman who was apparently shot being led out of the building.

Officers were armed with AR-15 rifles, shouted into the building, ordered people to come out with their hands up. A group of residents came out, but not those apparently involved with the alleged kidnapping.

Officers broke down the door and shortly after that there were two gunshots, Hanson said.

More gunshots followed in rapid succession, she said.

A few minutes later, Hanson saw a woman was escorted by an officer with apparent gunshots to her left arm and right thigh. The officer applied a tourniquet to her arm. She was later taken by ambulance to the Wyoming Medical Center.

This story will be updated. 

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