Like any modern day mama, I spend quite a bit of time on Pinterest. My rule is that I cannot waste spend hours of time pinning projects and meals if I never follow through and try them.

This means every few weeks you can find me at Casper's Hobby Lobby with a certain hopeful twinkle in my eye.

What better place to go find clothes pins that will color coordinate with my kitchen, so I can create an organizational corner that will help my household run as smoothly as a hot knife through organic locally sourced butter?

Something I always seem to forget as I head through those frustratingly hard to open doors and enter the DIY haven of Casper's Hobby Lobby...I am the least crafty person in the world.

One time, I decided that even though I couldn't sew a quilt if my life depended on it, cross stitching was my calling. I spent an embarrassingly large amount of money on dozens of colors of embroidery floss, various sized hoops, multiple how-to books, and pillowcases aplenty. After several months (ok make that weeks) of working at my new hobby, I learned that it wasn't for me.

Same for scrapbooking...but can I really be blamed for being caught up in that trend? It still takes all my energy not to walk down that aisle and longingly run my fingers over the gorgeously colored and patterned paper. And those darling stickers?!


Then there was the time I thought all of my side tables needed to be decoupaged. In case you're wondering there IS such a thing as too much shabby chic.

Painting entire pieces of furniture with chalk paint and replacing all the drawer pulls...yup check that one off as a way to spend an entire weekend in misery.


Just this last week I went to Hobby Lobby to have a few pictures framed and found myself wandering up and down the aisle "just looking". My kids talked me into getting them a 100 pack of oil pastels and I went home with a pile of goodies from the cake decorating aisle.

In my defense, I do make all my kids' birthday cakes from scratch and look at how cool this Super Mario Bros. cake turned out?

Cathy Holman, Townsquare
Cathy Holman, Townsquare

If I'm being honest I have to say, that cake was a fluke.

It's time for me to face the truth, Hobby Lobby is where my dreams go to die.

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