Great News!!  Tons of people responded to the craigslist ad we shared about this story and they are interviewing 3 families that are potential adopters for the beagle.  There were so many responses that he and his caregiver have been overwhelmed and wanted to say, 'Thank You'!

He and his caregiver are former military (he was in the Air Force and his caregiver is a Marine) and he believed that his health was in good condition, except that he'd been suffering from bouts of constant indigestion and heartburn and would take Prilosec to help. The worse it got, the more Prilosec he'd take. Then he started having trouble swallowing his food and choked a couple of times.

While passing through Wyoming on their way to Idaho for the summer, his caregiver had convinced him to stop into the VA Hospital in Cheyenne. Which he adds is the 'greatest VA Hospital in the US'.

Meet Boogy, a Boxer / French Bulldog mix in need of a new home.
Meet Boogy, a Boxer / French Bulldog mix in need of a new home.

But also where he would receive the worst possible diagnosis - stage 4 esophageal cancer with metastasis everywhere.

He asked that I share this message or WARNING:

To all the men out there: stop having SMS - stubborn man syndrome - because as he is proof, it can kill you. Had he gone to the doctor sooner, maybe they could have caught it early enough to fight it. So he wanted to tell guys to buck up and make friends with their doctors and if something feels wrong, get it checked out.

Pictured above, there is a 2nd dog (he'd been caring for a friends dog who had to give it up following a severe back injury) a 40 LB Boxer / French Bulldog mix named Boogy, that is also in need of a new permanent home.  Interested persons can send an email to -  with the Subject: Line Boogy or Boxer.
Also - please do not call the Hospice Care Center as there phone center has been overrun with phone calls.

He adds for those wanting to help: 'If you want to do something to help animals, please donate to a no kill shelter or to your local rescue'.

He concluded: "Thank You" to everyone in this wonderful city, to the VA Hospital, Cheyenne Community Hospital and Hospice and to Warren AFB Family Campground.

NOTE: The names were left out of this post to help protect some of their privacy although they were happy to share photos.  Thank you to all for your time, love, caring and support.  Wyoming is truly a great place and I'm proud to call it my home!


Original Story



After a recent visit to the VA hospital, a Cheyenne man is now hoping to find a new home for his dog as he received the worst diagnosis possible - cancer.

Reading this article on the Wyoming Craigslist page broke my heart!!!

Hello - My name is Yola and I was rescued from Yuma Humane Shelter in January 2016 after my person's 14 year old Lab had died. Now my person is dying and I need a home again.

My person is retired and travels in an RV. He wasn't feeling well so we stopped by the VA in Cheyenne and they diagnosed him with Stage IV esophageal cancer. That was June 12 and now he's in hospice.

I'm a Beagle Shepherd mix but I'm more Beagle sized. I'm about 4 years old but I'm an old soul and lived a hard life. I love my food and my person feeds me Beneful Healthy Weight and Milk Bones and gives me marrow bones when he's away. He is in hospice now, but his family is taking him back home this coming week and I can't go.

I'm ok on a leash, I'm a lap dog ( or a next to you on the sofa dog), and I like to sleep with you. You will be my whole life and I'd like to be yours.

I have separation anxiety and I take my pill and stay in my crate and chew my marrow bones.

I do like to chase things that move: cars, cats, motorcycles, so a leash or yard are necessary.

Please give me a home!

If you or someone you know can help him find peace of mind in knowing his dog will be cared for in his absence, please contact him ASAP.

You can reply to his Craigslist ad here -

Might I suggest that you meet with him, get to know the dog and allow this man to enjoy the comfort of his K-9 pal until he is ready to part ways.

God Bless!


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