If you're looking for a place to live, I have found a very affordable option. Wyoming Craigslist has a free mobile home and it's only about a half hour from Casper.

There is no doubt that this home could use some fixing up, but it is free. Here's the full listing as it appears on Wyoming Craigslist.

Wyoming Craigslist

Here are some close up pics for your mobile home viewing pleasure.

In case you can't read the tiny print, here's the details of what they have:

1979 trailer for free needs work must move by june 2020

I checked the Coal Creek reference and if I'm correct, that's only about a 34 minute drive from Casper.

Google Maps

I realize this isn't the fanciest home on the block, but if you have a way to haul it and some acreage to put it on, you could do worse than this free fixer upper.

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