Earlier this week we received a call from Ashlei Marconet, a local listener who lives in Douglas Wyoming.

She explained that she recently took a big leap of faith and did something completely out of her comfort zone...and it paid off...maybe literally.

Marconet entered a national competition to be on the cover of a magazine that has worked with Ryan Reynolds, Nicole Kidman, Reba McEntire, and Matthew McConaughey in the past.

Ashlei Marconet
Ashlei Marconet

Jetset Magazine, the world's leading affluent lifestyle publication has held a Miss Jetset competition for the last 7 years, and past winners include a Navy Operations specialist, an entrepreneur, and even a college student.

Not only does the winner get to grace the cover of Jetset Magazine they also get to attend high-profile events and win the chance to take part in luxury experiences that are often only available to the ultra-rich.

The next cover model will also win $50,000.

Marconet said that she would use the money to attend school, and also planned to use some of it to help local charities that she's passionate about.

When asked who had taken the pictures that she used to enter the contest Marconet laughed and said she had her husband take them.

Ashlei Marconet
Ashlei Marconet

Marconet is working her way up to the finals of the competition and is currently in the running to be the winning finalist in her group, but she needs our help.

All you need to do is follow this link and vote for her.

Voting is free and can be done daily.

How wonderful would it be to have one of our very own Wyoming ladies win this competition?


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