Oh boy! What do you get when you cross Captain America, The Incredible Hulk, Iron Man, Thor, Black Widow, Hawkeye, and Nick Fury - besides mass destruction? A big room full of spec-wearing nerds squealing in delight at the big screen!

Now before you think I'm bashing, I will let you know that I'm proudly proclaiming myself head of the nerds (though I'm pretty sure someone will fight me for the title), because I was there...at the midnight party and premiere of The Avengers, and I've got the photographic evidence to prove it. 

Aside from the day of my wedding, I can't think of another date that has resonated so passionately with me as May 4th, 2012, has done. This was it! The Avengers was here!


I made sure that Honey's camera was charged, and that she was rested before this monumental undertaking with a well-timed nap. I could tell she was thrilled. Me? Oh no! I couldn't sleep. I'd only been dreaming of this day for months. My parents knew. My listeners knew. The random dude putting mustard on his roller grill item at the convenience store knew.

Studio City facade

Now, you know I love my superheroes. Remember when I attended the Green Lantern premiere? So again, I wanted to do something special for the occasion. "Special" means dressing up and pretending I'm twelve again.


It was so fun and goofy to put together my outfit. First I was thinking Iron Man. Thanks to RDJ, Tony Stark has emerged as one of my favorites. Then as I was price checking the mask, chest thingymadoolie, hand repulsor ray, etc., I realized that I was already dipping into next year's paycheck. They did have a couple of affordable Captain America props left, however. So now, I was Steve Rogers! I was fine with that. Couple that little frisbee and mask with some discounted red and blue starter T's and shorts ( I love my practicalness which will allow me to wear these clothes again), my already fine white legs, and my old Taekwondo shin guards and shoes, and I was ready.

Troy puts on Captain America

And all of sudden, we were there...at Studio City, thoroughly enjoying the moment.


Believe me, the hokeyness of my outfit is what provides me with some of the most fun. As you might have expected, I did not win the costume contest. The guy that dressed up as Loki did. His costume was form-fitting and phenomenal, complete with light-up scepter and horned headgear. Deadpool looked pretty amazing in his bodysuit as well, and finished runner-up.

I would win nothing but the admiration of my peers, during the course of the night, but that's okay. Again, I was about to take in a movie that I'd been anticipating for months! After a couple of sliders, Honey and I got a date pack and settled into our chairs for two and a half hours of smashing good times.

I loved it! As with any re-creation that's already been established on printed pages and in your mind, you could spend vast amounts of time picking the thing apart; questioning the choice of villains, arguing "power" points, and so on...I choose not too. Instead, I'll just remain grateful!

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