Okay, so I get this ridiculous, wild hair from you know where, and decide that after my show Thursday, I'm going to rush over and check out the midnight premiere of Green LanternAfter all, I'm practically a dead ringer for Hal Jordan. 

Check me out!  I think I look pretty good for designing my look on the fly in the course of five minutes, with nothing I own really even resembling the 'Greenie.'  I'm sure if I had kids, though, they would have demanded that I not only drop them off at the front door and enter the theater separately, but stay at least 25 feet away at all times.  Such is the life of a radio superhero.

It gets better.  Read on...

With my old class ring to heighten my super status, I'm off to the Iris, figuring that surely I hadn't missed any good stuff.  When I arrive, it seems like kind of a weak turn out for a movie this anticipated.  Oh well, maybe people are tired.  I was feeling like Clark Griswold at the moment, "First ones here, first ones here!"  When I asked the lone occupant of the theatre if the midnight screening was still on, he looked up from his vacuum and said with a slight smile, "yeah, but it's at Studio City."  NOOOOOO!!!!  I hope this kid at least appreciated my dedication.  He probably didn't even realize that he was talking to Wyoming's 45th most listened to disc jockey, complete with mask and ring.  I hope he didn't, anyway.

Now, back to my dilemma.  If I only had a real green power ring to fly me over to the other side of town, I'd only miss the first movie trailer.  Unfortunately, I have to rely on 'ole blue.'  No, not my Red Ryder air rifle, but my eight year old SUV.  Onward!!

The way I time traffic signals, I know I've got at least a 10 minute ride in front of me.  Maybe, I should just let sleeping dogs lie, pack it in, and get a good night's sleep.  I'll be refreshed and ready for Friday, right?  If only I rolled that way.

No!  It'd take the Legion of Doom to stop me now.  I spent considerable minutes on my look and the concessionaires are going to see it!  Hold on!  Cops love me! 

As you can judge from the blurry photos taken with my 1972 cell phone, I did make it.  In fact, I got my corn and a soda, took care of business, and still watched four complete movie trailers.  Success!  In 3-D, no less.

My review?  It's good!  It's fun.  Being a long time comic enthusiast, I probably could have done it better, but I really don't know what I'd change for that matter.  The effects were great, as well as the imagery.  I thought the 3-D somewhat lacking in the movie.  Maybe I'm due for new eyes, but I thought the trailers preceding the film jumped out and "socked" me more.  The acting was well done, however, and Ryan Reynolds and the crew have a nice command over their characters.

All in all, a good investment for my entire paycheck, and I'm eagerly awaiting the next midnight preview.  I'll plan on being just as tired and as worthless at work the following day as I was for this one.  Bring it on!!    "In brightest day, in blackest night..."