Wyoming resident and nonresident big game hunters are reminded the deadline to submit applications for limited quota deer, and antelope licenses is June 1. The resident deadline for limited quota elk is also June 1. The nonresident application period for elk was the month of January.

The June 1 deadline for nonresident deer and antelope is a major change in this year’s application deadline. The previous deadline was March 15 and this year will be June 1 – the same as the resident deadline. The deadline has been moved to June 1 this year because the normal deadline of May 31 is on a weekend.

Hunters are reminded that all big game applications must now be made online. License manager Jennifer Doering said the expanded application period for nonresident deer and antelope is a direct result of the online application process.

Doering said,

“Applying online allows us to process applications much quicker and greatly reduces the number of errors hunters made on applications, it has resulted in tremendous savings in money and manpower and allows us to get ready for the drawings in a matter of days after the deadline instead of the multiple weeks of preparation when paper applications were the method for applying for licenses.”

For those who would like to apply, but may not have access to a computer or need assistance in applying, the Game and Fish has computer stations at each of its regional offices and the Cheyenne Headquarters building. In addition, hunters who have questions about applying online or need assistance can call the Game and Fish at 307-777-4600.

Hunters who are concerned with security of credit card information should be aware that the Game and Fish does not have records of credit cards used for license purchases.