I've lived in central Wyoming for almost 13 years, and it never ceases to amaze me how much I still have to learn about the area.

While hanging out on the internet I came across a video about Mountain Meadow Wool Mill located in Buffalo, Wyoming.

Until that moment I had no idea that we had a wool mill so close, though I was well aware that Wyoming is one of the top wool-producing states in the US.


Mountain Meadow is a wool spinning mill, that is family operated and owned by Karen Hostetler.

They are dedicated to supporting local ranchers and raising awareness about ranching culture in the American West.

I found myself wanting to know a bit more about this industry and thankfully, Mountain Meadow had also created a video that showed a bit more in-depth the step by step process their wool goes through.

Once a teacher, always a teacher...so of course I immediately thought about what a great field trip this would make.

And if you were wondering the same thing, yes they do offer tours.

Many people are falling in love again with traditions of the past, and there has been a major uptick in a desire to relearn the art of knitting and crocheting. So, Mountain Meadow Wool created the Legacy Yarn Club to meet the growing needs of these passionate creators.

Wyoming sheep ranchers are a dying breed, and it's awesome to see that we have an opportunity to show them our support located so close to home.

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