Dierks Bentley (and all of the extras) get down and dirty in his video for ’5-1-5-0,’ the latest single from ‘Home.’ It features four wheelers, all-terrain vehicles and monster trucks being driven in a mud ditch, being chased by the very po po that Bentley sings about in the song’s chorus! Even with the cops on their tail, the riders are enjoying themselves.

The vid is the perfect summer clip, since everyone is wearing short shorts and tees, while throwing their hands up, clapping and dancing. Bentley knuckles down on his guitar and performs, keeping the party going, while a bunch of young kids cool off by swimming in mud. Who knew getting muddied could be so much fun?

There’s also a hard-bodied, blonde heartbreaker who gets in on the big-wheeled action. She’s one of the boys and is certainly the video’s eye candy.

The po po doesn’t fare so well, crashing into a pole at the end of the clip while everyone else continues to have a good time.

Nothing like a little mischief and a different kind of mud-slinging on a hot day, set to a raucous Dierks Bentley tune.

Watch Dierks Bentley ’5-1-5-0′ Video