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Here are today's Redneck Headlines:
#1 - Ring Around The Burrito
#2 - Serving Dessert - No Kids Allowed!
#3 - Do Fries Go With That Glock?

Ring Around The Burrito

A Georgia mom is no doubt sniffing around for a lawyer after her four-year-old nearly pierced her tongue on a nose ring that turned up inside a fast-food breakfast burrito.

Frances Rosario says she'd bought the breakfast burrito at a local McDonald's and was sitting with the little girl as she ate – when she noticed something shiny in the tortilla. When she went in to check, she saw that it was part of a nose ring, but when she checked inside the restaurant, no one would take responsibility. She got no satisfaction from contacting the chain's corporate headquarters, either. (New York Daily News)


Serving Dessert - No Kids Allowed!

Shoppers in Britain are used to showing ID if they're trying to buy alcohol or cigarettes, but there's now a new item on the adults-only list... microwavable pudding.

24-year-old Robert Nemeti found that out when he tried to use a self-checkout lane at his local supermarket to make his purchase – only to be flagged by the computer. When an employee rushed over, she asked to see some identification, which Nemeti did not have with him – but the worker agreed that he appeared to be of age, so she approved the transaction.

Nemeti says, "I asked her why and was stunned when she told me: 'It gets hot when you cook it – and you may burn yourself.' Health and safety has gone crazy if you now have to prove you can be trusted with a chocolate pudding." (Daily Mail)


Do Fries Go With That Glock? 

Police are grilling a Las Vegas man who caused a heated situation at a restaurant by tossing a loaded gun into a deep fryer, causing it to fire and send a bullet whizzing into a kitchen wall.

Obdulio Gudiel was arrested and accused of attempted robbery with the use of a deadly weapon after he allegedly pointed the weapon at two men he claims owed a relative money for three used cars. The argument that ensued spilled over into the restaurant, and when cops arrived to see what was cooking, Gudiel tossed the handgun into the bubbling oil, prompting officers to evacuate the premises. (Las Vegas Review Journal)

A wanna-be burglar in Georgia is in a ho-ho-hole lotta trouble after getting stuck when he went up the chimney without care during a heist.