When I first moved to Wyoming 10 years ago and experienced these heavy wet spring snow storms, I was told over and over again 'We Need The Moisture'.

After a long cold winter, the last thing people in Wyoming look forward to are these big wet spring storms.  But they do provide much needed water to the cowboy state.

This time of year, all of us are looking forward to getting outside and being a part of the beauty that is Wyoming.  The grass is green, the water rushing and life begins a new.

But for some, these spring storms are the straw that breaks the camels back.  Many folks are readying to leave the cowboy state for warmer weather, for good.

My insurance agent is one of them.  He has boxed up his office and is headed to Arizona to build a new life.  The Wyoming weather had gotten the better of him and there are many others that feel the same way.

But what about you?  Has old man winter given you all you can handle?  Or are you like many who know how important these spring storms are to Wyoming's watershed?



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