Hay is usually a pretty hot commodity in Wyoming, but despite it being in high demand, some ranchers still find themselves with more bales than they need.

They may simply just have the bales set out and waiting to be used later in the year, or perhaps rain made the hay only playable to cows rather than horses.

But I have an idea for all of our Wyoming ranchers that have extra hay.

Why not make a cool sculpture with it?

A woman in Oklahoma used her extra hay along with a big dash of creativity to create a massive Lion sculpture.

Several videos of this sculpture are going viral for all the right reasons.

While you can find multiple videos showing this Lion sculpture (including local news stations that covered the art piece) I picked one that shows both the front and the back of the sculpture. This allows you to see how she actually built the sculpture, just in case you'd like to do something like this on your own.

The main structure of the Lion is created from large round bales and the legs and ears are stacked square bales. The Lion's mane is made with loose hay that is artfully gathered and placed around the face of the lion.

Spray paint was used to accentuate the face and to add a bit more authentic detail to the body of the Lion.

Solar lights were placed around the sculpture so that locals and visitors alike can enjoy it any time of day or night.

After seeing this I feel like we could definitely get something going locally...it's likely too late to have a hay sculpture contest for Halloween...but what about one for the Christmas season?

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