Even though Wyoming is home to under 600,000 people, the number of missing persons is a big one. The state is ranked in the top 10 in the nation per capita for missing persons.

A quick google search brings up Wyoming DCI website and Missing People Of Wyoming Facebook Group. The website if fairly new and still a work in progress, but shows the long list of those that are missing here in Wyoming. The Facebook Group was created in 2019 to get the word out about those persons that are missing and keep the nearly 20,000 group members updated on active cases.

In 2017 the website A Secure Life.com conducted a survey of what parents fear most and 14% fear their kids will be abducted or kidnapped. Every year hundreds of kids are reported to the F.B.I. with only a small percentage of them abducted by a stranger. 95% are reported as runaway's.

If you find that your child is missing, you should act quickly. You may've heard that you have to wait 24 hours to contact police in a missing persons case, but according to Child Find Of America.org that is a myth. Acting fast is critical in finding your child.

If you've watched any crime based TV drama, you know that the first few hours are the most important in a missing persons case. No one wants to think about something happening to someone they love, but the truth is, it could happen to anyone. Making sure you act quickly, take the right steps and make quick decisions could be the difference in the outcome.

The Child Find Of America.org has a list of 5 things to do if your child goes missing:

  • Call police immediately and have important information about your child ready
    • Name
    • Birthday / Age
    • Height/ Weight
    • Hair/ Eye color
    • Last known clothing
    • Specific Identifying Marks or features
      • birthmark
      • scar
      • braces
      • glasses
    • Medical issues or needs
  • Ask police to enter your child into the FBI's National Crime Information Center (NCIC). Get the name and number of the agent/ officer assigned to the case to be able to stay in contact.
  • Search your home (kids are known to hide), but make sure not to disrupt anything in their room, playroom or last place you saw them. There may be important info that police may find when searching.
  • Call 'Child Find of America' 1-800-I-Am-Lost
    • In a situation as this, you may not think clearly and when you call Child Find of America, they will work with you to coordinate with law enforcement.
  • Take Care Of Yourself Mentally and Physically
    • Remaining calm and maintaining your composure is the best thing you can do.

With the assistance of technology, authorities have the capabilities to jump into action quickly with tools such as an Amber Alert. Amber Alerts began after the abduction and tragic death of Amber Hagerman in the 1996 and have saved nearly 1000 kids.

Once you make an official report with law enforcement, Wyoming D.C.I. has a form on the Wyoming Missing Persons page where you can submit a tip if you have information on a missing person.

Be vigilant, keep your eyes open for odd behavior and keep up on information on those missing.

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