Parent's with lots of children are usually resigned to the fact that nothing about life is easy.

For example, it takes about three days to get all the Valentine's Day cards filled out for their classmates. And getting out of the house in the mornings is a 108 step process.

Finally, there is good news for mothers (sorry dads) with lots of children.

According to this study, the more children a mother has, the younger she stays!

Apparently, all those pregnancies (and the hormones that come with them) changes a mother's DNA in a way that results in her looking younger longer. So YES you have stretch marks and body parts that may never go back to where they used to be...but on a molecular level, you'll stay younger longer.

That's something to cheer about right?

After hanging out with Doc for so long, I had to do some more research and in the course of delving a bit deeper, found this article which says the opposite.

It claims that each pregnancy ages a mother TWO YEARS.

That means with five kids I have aged an extra decade.



Don't mind me, I'm going to be over here slapping on some extra wrinkle cream and booking an anti-aging facial.

What are your thoughts?

Does having lots of kids make you feel younger or older?

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