It was two months ago when we first began to talk about orphan hosting on My Country 95.5.

We aired an interview with Sarah Larson who shared a bit about her organization Host Ukraine and the hosting process.

"Host Ukraine uses extensive training and family coaches to assist in building a solid foundation for a successful hosting. Our volunteers have extensive experience in helping children and families create healthy relationships. We host to anyone that can provide a safe and loving home. Once you have finished the host session, we can assist in facilitating an ongoing relationship. We have resources in Ukraine to help you communicate and if you decide to adopt, we can advise you on how to proceed."

The next month we shared the story of her son Roma who was adopted through this program and now helps translate for children that are currently in the program. As part of that show, we shared the story of a sibling group of three that was looking for a family to host them.

We were absolutely overjoyed to hear just a week later that a local family heard about this group of children on air, and has decided to host them for the Summer!

Below is information about two brothers that are looking for a family to host them!

Courtesy Of
Courtesy Of

Car fanatic Pavil is an outgoing, happy 8-year-old. He's in 2nd grade and does well in class. Pavil likes learning and his favorite class is computers. He's got lots of friends but loves to spend time with his siblings. This close-knit group hasn't been in the orphanage long and teachers raved about Pavil and his siblings. He looks forward to being hosted this summer and hopes his family is active and nice. Pavil would love to eat cake while he's in the US (something he doesn't get to do in the orphanage).

Meet Maks! This 15-year-old is a great big brother to Valentina (11), Dasha (10), and Pavil (8), who did most of his hosting interview in English. Maks is also a champion wrestler who is a natural athlete. He is an average student who works well with his classmates, but teachers say he's an intelligent boy. Physics and PE are his favorite classes. Maks is the caretaker and guardian of his siblings.

You can follow this link to learn more about Host Ukraine and how you can help.

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