Look up in the sky....it's a bird, it's a plane...NO...

It's the U.S.G.S. survey helicopter, outfitted for an airborne survey of the geology just southwest of Casper, flying around. The U.S. Geological Survey chopper is being used to help the Wyoming State Geological Survey.

Wyoming Geological Survey's

For obvious reasons, there's no reason to get all hot and bothered by this chopper. According to a
press release

support mapping to understand the regional geology of central Wyoming.

The study will allow scientist to develop high-resolution 3D representations of the geology of the areas from South Pass in the Wind River Range, to the Granite Mountains just west of Pathfinder Reservoir from mid-May - mid-September.

The 3D models and maps produced from the survey will help understand the distribution of groundwater, mineral and energy resources, as well as the potential for natural hazards. Data collected as part of this effort will be made public and used by the WSGS and the USGS to guide more detailed geologic mapping at local scales.

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