With elk season approaching, now's the time to start getting into good  enough shape to be able to handle long hunts in the high country.

The majority of elk hunting begins in just a few weeks and will go for parts of the next few months. Not everyone has the time to be out in the mountains hiking and training every day or even multiple times per week, but if you're looking to have an enjoyable hunt, there's still time to get ready for the hunt.

Even if you've lived in the higher country your entire life, it's a good idea to work on your hunting shape. I've heard many people say they hate the gym and exercising, but will do whatever it takes for hunting.

I've been looking for ways to up my physical game and prepare for longer hikes and hunts. If you've ever googled or gone on YouTube to find the best workout routine for going on long hunts, you know how difficult it seems to find the one that's perfect for you.

I watched a few videos and the one recurring theme is upping your cardio game. Seems legit and seems like a simple task...right? The videos and workouts range from hardcore gym, very little gym and some even doing it the Rocky Balboa way and using what they have around them.

Just like anything you search for online, you'll find hundreds of options and you'll see people that are already in good shape. It would be great if we could go from couch to hunt ready in a couple days, but it surely is going to take some time.

I watched a couple videos that shared stories of people not being physically ready to be on their hunt and didn't enjoy it nearly as much as they should've. Certainly with all the money spent preparing for your hunt, you want to enjoy it as much as possible.

On of the workouts I found was from Outdoor Life. The article breaks down what you need to do step by step, literally. It's a 12 week program that most anyone can do to prepare for your hunt or hike.

Here's what the first 3 weeks look like. Check out the rest on Outdoorlife.com 

  • Week 1: Easy Does It

    • Mon/Wed/Fri - cardio - 45 Minute walk (include up & down terrain)
    • Tue/Thurs/Sat - muscle - 30 Minutes climbing stairs, bleachers or steep hill (short rests)
  • Week 2: Step it up

    • Mon/Wed/Fri - cardio - 45 minute walk add a bit of jogging
    • Tue/Thurs/Sat - muscle - Same 30 minutes cut down on rest periods
  • Week 3: Feeling Better

    • Mon/Wed/Fri - cardio - 45 minute walk add more jogging
    • Tue/Thurs/Sat - Same 30 minutes, alternate 3 squats/ 3 lunges during short rest periods

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