If you've ever played golf, you know how frustrating it is and luckily for you, Casper offers great golf courses to be frustrated on.

When you arrive to the golf course you're excited to get your golf shoes on and start swinging your clubs. After the first hole, you have developed "Golf Turrets" and words come out that would make your mother blush! Luckily that doesn't stop us from hitting the links. It's almost like playing a slot machine..."the next one could be the one that makes me a winner", so we continue to spend our extra time shanking balls, plunking them into the water, spending money on the miracle clubs that will guarantee a great golf game.

Casper is a city that is well know for many different activities and landmarks. The fishing in the North Platte River, Skiing and snow shoeing on Casper Mountain during the winter, Music Festivals & Concerts, a vast wide open area to ride horses and GOLF. Yep, Golf. Unless you check out Indoor Golf during the winter at Casper Indoor Golf or The Sand Trap, the golf season is generally mid spring through mid fall and golfers take advantage as much as they can, rain, shine or antelope (story for another time)!

If you've golfed in Casper you know that one of the toughest parts of playing here is finding the course you'd like to play. The Casper Municipal Golf Course, Three Crowns, The Casper Country Club, Paradise Valley or one of the other area courses. That's a rough decision to make because they all offer such spectacular views and quality golf course options.

Once you decide on the course, next is the act of playing. Playing golf is tough on almost every golf player because of the mental strain, pressure and anxiety. All you do is hit a ball that is (most times) not moving, with a club that you have chosen. Should be easy, right? NO WAY! Add in the wind, other people talking, cars passing, other golfers checking out your swing, ANTELOPE, the sun in your eyes and the possibility of RAIN all being potential "golf failures"! So many factors fit into your fun, enjoyable, relaxing day of golf.

The best part of golf in the Casper area is that there are options of help and practice all over the city. Golf lessons are available from many golf shops and courses, driving ranges for those that need to whack at a few balls for practice and the fore mentioned indoor golf facilities are all just a few of the MANY golfing options that I've found to be available in the Casper area.

Grab your clubs, grab your friends and get out and explore the options for golf in the Casper area!

There is no doubt that golf can take a toll on you, golf is a tough mental sport, so tough even the pro's on tv flounder once in a while...

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