One of the many things that are unique to Casper are the number of businesses that have both east and west locations. That's inspired me ask the question of which one you prefer? Let's start with Walmart.

The geography of Casper is unique in that the city has more real estate from east to west than it does north to south. Because of this, you'll notice that many major franchises have locations that locals will refer to as east or west.

I have noticed that depending on who you talk to, the opinions about which location is better will vary wildly. In regards to grocery stores, I've heard that some prefer one location because they think the deli is better. Some have favorite employees that seem to treat them nicer at one location compared to another. It's hysterical to listen to the sometimes passionate rants of east versus west.

In my east versus west debate, let's start with Walmart. Which location do you prefer? Bring it.

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