Watching this video made in 1947, it is surprising to see what has changed and what has not changed about Wyoming. The biggest difference is instantly apparent - how things are done. In the video, farm hands are picking crops by hand, and now it is all done mechanically. Today there are even tractors that can drive themselves.

The major industries have not changed in 70 years. The video talks about the robust oil and coal enterprises. The mining business has kept the lights on for as long as the state has been a state. The video shows men cutting down trees to make railroad ties. Now the tracks and roads are complete, but the mineral resources still are harvested from the Wyoming earth.

It wouldn't be a documentary about the Cowboy State without talking about dude ranches and the rodeo. Again here little has changed other than the technology that surrounds those activities.

Just as it was in 1947, tourism plays a large part in Wyoming's economy. The state never will (or never should) forget that Yellowstone, Grand Teton, Devils Tower, and the Bighorn Mountains help bring a lot of capital to the state.

I wonder what the future will bring to Wyoming? Will the more computerization integrate into the infrastructure? How will robotics and artificial intelligence change the mining and agricultural business? What do you think is the shape of things to come?


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