I will admit that I enjoy the TV show Expedition Unknown a lot. I have some female friends on my Facebook page that seem to like the host, Josh Gates, even more than I do. They'll be happy to learn that Josh will do a personal video for a price.

I found a unique website called Cameo. It connects you to famous folks and allows you to arrange for them to do personalized videos. I learned that Josh Gates is a part of this. If you're not familiar with Josh, here's some of his work on Expedition Unknown.

The Cameo video thing is really nifty, but it isn't free. To have Josh record a personalized video, it will cost you $150. But, Josh gets rave reviews from those that have done it. One lady ordered a personalized video for her husband and he was apparently blown away. Tons of 5 star reviews is a good thing plus it looks like Josh responds quickly as the site estimates a turn-around time of around 3 days.

Josh is about as close as we get to a real-life Indiana Jones these days, so check out the Cameo thing if you'd like to have him narrate an adventure for you.

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