Don’t believe everything you read.

It is so easy to create a fake new story. Before you share and blast to all your friends about that egregious story, take a moment to fact check. What is the source? Is the post designed to inform or provoke? Usually, if it causes panic, anger, disbelief, it is most likely a fake.

Yes, there are people out there that just want to stir things up. They don't care about facts or truth, they just want to provoke. We call them trolls. Over the weekend I fell into one of these ruses.

Going around Facebook was a Craigslist post asking for people to protest Trump's victory and the corruption of the Electoral College. Soon after publishing, the ad was flagged and removed from Craigslist.

The ad read:

Looking for large groups of people to shine light on the current electoral college corruption, there will be a pre-rally point given to you directly after we feel you are a good candidate. Must be passionate and "creative". Will pay up to $500 weekly if you get media coverage, fighting for the cause. You will be required to sign in/out on the time sheet provided by the manager designated to Casper daily, Serious inquiries only.

Well ... it got me. First I wanted to argue with logic. The electoral college will not vote until December 19th, yet this system is already corrupt? Next, losing the electoral system would be the absolute worst thing for Wyoming. A popular vote is great for some things locally, but on a national level, it would make our vote as Wyomingites worthless. Regardless of what you think about the outcome of the election, without the electoral college rural America's vote would not count, and places like New York and LA would have all the power.

Then I was about to go off about how I think it is obscene to pay people to protest. That is a slap in the face to the true believers of a cause. Not that I support the dismantlement of the Electoral College, but in any kind of protest, I’d like to think the people actually believe in what they are saying.

I took the bait and emailed to see what would happen. The reply said "Just Kidding!!! Let's Make America Great Again!" I was just trolled. This Craigslist ad was a fake. Goes to show you how misleading Facebook can be. It just reiterates what my mother told me so many times growing up - don't always believe what your read. Thanks, Mom, now lets talk about all those political memes you are posting.