What do you think of when you (or if you) think of Jackson, Wyoming? The rich and famous tucked away in mansions in the hills? A family's 1970's home movie shows a very different looking time.

I have to confess that I came across this family's home movie share on YouTube almost by accident. It looks like an old 8 mm home video that shows a typical 1970's family having fun in their yard and the town. This one just happens to be Jackson, Wyoming. It's almost unrecognizable compared to what the area looks like today.

Mark Elliott shared the video with a simple description:

Jackson Wyoming mid 1970's Summer. At the Byrne House having fun with Konne, Arlene and others, Jackson Lake water skiing and a family picnic.

It's not a popular opinion in our part of Wyoming these days, but I love the Jackson area. For those that live there now with zillions of dollars, I'm happy for their success. Really. But, I have to wonder how many families these days would be able to afford to call Jackson home?

As we mentioned in a recent article, Teton County is the richest county in America and also has the biggest difference in income between the richest and poorest. That's one of the reasons why this video struck me as a lost era that will never be seen again.

I still love Jackson and the Teton area. It's been a family favorite for years just due to its natural beauty. But, I miss the Jackson of the 1970's when it was accessible to everyone.

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