I have to admit that I actually gasped when I realized that 1981 was 38 years ago. That's the kind of math I prefer not to do. That was one of my first reactions when I came across this family video of a hike in Wind River Range from 1981.

Van Bistrow shared this video to YouTube this past weekend and it's a complete throwback. It's Van's family and his friends Ron, Cindy and three people he can't remember.

According to Van, they entered the area through the Green Lakes entrance. If I remember right, that's the southwest part of that range. Van narrates the entire video which is the best part. I seriously thought I was watching an episode of The Waltons and I mean that in the best possible way. By the way, the last episode of The Waltons aired in 1981. Coincidence?

Around 13 minutes into the video, Van showed video of a toddler named Douglas who was constantly throwing rocks into one of the lakes. It's at this point that he utters one of my favorite (and accurate) sayings...

It was about the right ratio to have 4 sympathetic adults to one toddler to keep him out of trouble.


I ended up watching just about this entire video and I had to wonder why. It was then that I realized that this took me back to a time before cell phones when families really could get away from it all and make memories like this. That's a much more difficult thing to do in 2019. Thanks for reminding me of that, Van.

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